About Us
About Us
At QBS Learning, we listen, learn, counsel, and create.

If you’re building pre-K to 12 learning resources, we’re ready to partner with you. We’re creative and driven people. We’re the kind of collaborators who bring professionalism, flexibility, and efficiency to developing products from start to finish. With more than 35 years of experience, our full-service team excels at curriculum planning, editorial services, illustration, design, and production. QBS Learning’s targeted solutions match the unique vision of every educational publishing and EdTech client.

Our Team

QBS Learning is brimming with dedicated individuals, ready to partner on projects and products of all shapes and sizes, from pre-K to 12 to higher ed to magazines. We’re educators and curriculum experts. We’re thinkers and creators. Our technically talented and tireless teams offer efficient, cost-effective solutions. We bring bold business suggestions to face colossal challenges. Our team is committed to finding the strongest services to match clients’ needs.

Executive Team

Hanut Singh

Chief Executive officer

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Brian Kobberger

Chief Operating Officer, Art, Design, and Production

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Reggie Chua Singh

Director, International

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Michael Porter

EVP, Business Development

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Pallavi Verma

VP, Human Resources

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Seija SurrMore info
Gabriel Kimmore info

Editorial Leadership

Kevin Allard

Senior Editorial Director, STEM

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Nicole Iorio

Senior Editorial Director, ELA

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Katie Wade

Senior Editorial Director, World Languages

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Our Ideators and Problem Solvers

Content Development

Jennifer Bove, Managing Editor, Mathematics

Lynn Coupal, Managing Editor, Assessment

Omegar Martínez, Managing Editor, World Languages

Cari Meister, Managing Editor, ELA

Ilana Prusock, Managing Editor, Mathematics

Jacob Wirth, Senior Content Specialist, Science

Shilpa Saxena, AVP, Editorial (International)

Gunjan Sogani, Editorial Lead, ELT (International)

Project Management

Sridhar Annadurai, Executive Project Manager


Taran Singh, Vice President, Digital Learning

Art, Design, and Production

Steve Curtis, Vice President, ADP

Shekhar Kapur, Vice President, ADP

Tamara English, Design Director

Madhu Rai, Art Director (International)

Innovation and Technology

Dhruv Mehra, Director, Innovation, and Technology

Nitin Arora, AVP, Technology


Apurv Goyal, Director, Finance

Sonia Gaba, General Manager, Finance


Rohan Bharati, Director, Sales

Mayank Varshney, Manager, Sales

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