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Interactive digital content
QBS Learning offers high-quality, content services that are custom-made and designed to support end-to-end development of digital learning content.

With its vast experience of successfully delivered projects to clients across the globe, QBS Learning is a one-stop shop for technology solutions. Our team of experts, comprising content engineers and technology specialists, work with you on envisioning the best strategy in developing and delivering digital products for specific target audience.

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QBS Learning’s Our expert teams work for hire game and simulation development services leveraging the talent of highly creative designers, skilled programmers, top- quality artists, and quality analysts.

Our specialist game teams provide end-to-end game development services for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs that can run on iOS, Android, or Windows operating systems. Cross- platform HTML5 and web teams provide high-grade, end-to-end implementation on front -end and back -end.

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Animation is a story telling treatment that can bring an idea to life. It is an art form that can be fun and emotive, but rarely boring.

QBS believes in developing animations that, grab the attention of the target audience, are unique, and reflect the brand’s style and tone. Our animation team has the right mix of creative, technical and directional skills. The hallmark of QBS is its ability to adapt to the client’s ever- changing needs.

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We use different types of massage for a variety of health related benefits purposes.

Post their development, videos need, editing i.e., subtitles may need to be added, or audio needs to be edited, a particular part of the video needs to be trimmed, splicing of videos may be required, or conversion to multiple formats such as MP4, MOV, AVA may be needed, etc.

QBS provides comprehensive audio recording services, with the help of partner studios for audio production and state-of-the-art hardware and software to produce the best quality output.

Our audio team has multiple years’ of experience in working on a wide range of industry needs in incorporating media assets for various learning and marketing applications, including:

  • Audio editing and Sync/mixing
  • Audio conversion
  • Audio recording/dubbing
  • Audio books
  • Audio localization services
  • Audio transcription services
  • Subtitling
QBS collaborates with its partners to create custom testing solutions and ensure quality for users across geographies and industries.

Our testing services entail some of the most innovative solutions. At QBS Learning, we are a team of experts who base our work on your organization’s unique needs.

Deep domain knowledge in learning and publishing industry with customized checklists and in-house automation frameworks.

Our experts work closely with the clients to understand their Flash to HTML conversion requirements, whether they need technology update and/or complete redesign.

QBS Learning leverages the capabilities of HTML5’s cross-browser, cross-platform technology to convert Flash into HTML5 and makes sure that content, graphics, and audio and video files can be seamlessly accessed on multiple platforms and mobile devices. If you have existing legacy content built in Flash, C++, Promethean, SMART, – we can help you transition to HTML5.

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  • QBS Learning has successfully used HTML5 technology to help its clients and partners deliver rich media content that plays seamlessly on different browsers and devices. This not only enhances user access but also lowers the delivery and maintenance costs.
  • Today, HTML5 is a widely accepted norm for developing rich learning experiences that are browser, platform, and device agnostic. QBS has successfully helped its clients stay ahead of the curve by developing and delivering responsive HTML5 content—template based (for increased reusability) and custom or bespoke for contextual content.
  • A dedicated team of experts at QBS works closely with clients and SMEs to extract pertinent information and create innovative learning solutions, including digital learning objects, interactive elements—template based and bespoke, interactive e-books, tools and widgets for Math, Science, Computer Science, English, etc.
  • QBS Learning’s expert Our team helps our clients create gamified experiences by using achievement badges, leaderboards, scoring systems, level progressions,
    and quests. These game elements are all integrated to help the learners achieve their learning objectives and goals.
  • Gamification is the use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts.
  • At QBS, we think out of the box. Games have to be fun, artistic, systematically designed and thoughtful. Games are not pure engineering (it is a key element, though). Game design is a different way of thinking altogether. Our team specializes in concept creation, learning games, scenario games, board games, game assessments, simulations, and augmented reality.
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  • Animation has the power to connect with people and tell stories.
  • Studies reveal that appropriate animated learning experiences are perceived as being more useful than equivalent static learning materials by both the learners with and without disabilities.
  • QBS has worked on a variety of 3D and 2D experiences for different age groups and varied styles.
  • Our team possesses what it takes to turn an abstract idea, content or image into a full-fledged animation. Using cutting edge 2D and 3D modeling techniques and animation tools we manipulate objects on the visual field to create what is outstanding!

Our expertise lies in :

  • Conceptualization
  • Storyboarding
  • Art & illustration
  • Animatic & animation including
    character animation
  • 3D animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Explainer videos
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Chalk board animation
  • Typographic animation
  • HTML animations
Video Editing

Educational institutions and corporates globally are using videos as part of their learning initiatives. Video, as part of digital learning modules, are delivered on learning platforms, social media and on apps, engaging learners and helping them retain information better. Complex topics can be explained better through videos because they simplify the explanation by visually showing how something works, and are better understood.
The ever-changing technology landscape necessitates media content producers to always keep up with new technologies and formats, channels, devices, and Apps on which they need to serve content where their consumers access them.

Key video services from QBS include

  • Editing
  • VFX
  • Compositing
  • Compression
  • Optimization and conversion
  • Subtitle/Timecode/VTT/SRT creation
  • Tools
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Avid
  • Camtasia Studio
A computer screen with a video being edited
A microphone in a recording studio.
  • Studies suggest that users and learners tend to understand and retain the content better when it is read out to them.
  • QBS delivers professional voice overs in all major Indian and international languages. With an extended partner pool comprising some of the best voiceover professionals, we offer complete voice recording services specific to your needs. We help you find the right voice within your budget. We provide samples for your approval in the beginning of the project, take care of recordings, quality check and deliver.
  • All our voice over artists are native -speakers with vast experience in different domains and subject areas.
  • QBS also provides subtitling services as part of the project and can also do audio transcription, if required

QBS adopts an end‐to‐end (E2E) test process and methodology guided by the following 4 pillars:

  • Rigorous and structured testing supported by a well‐defined test strategy and test plan
  • Transparent execution and reporting including daily status and resource utilization reports
  • Strong domain focus across industries
  • Accurate measures of quality through strict use of metrics and in‐house frameworks and guidelines
  • We specialize in Digital content testing on latest delivery environments, devices, operating systems and browsers.
  • Testing of game applications, enterprise applications, mobile platforms & tools, social & media assets is an area of expertise.
  • We also do platform and product testing, that is – testing of software products and platforms, LMS, CMS, distribution platforms and digital asset management systems.
  • We also do accessibility testing to ensure that our products are compliant with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 guidelines.
  • Offering an array of Flash to HTML5 conversion services, QBS ensures smooth HTML5 transition while delivering interactive content to mobile and tablet audiences across the globe.
  • We implement industry-best practices to convert content developed with Adobe Flash into HTML5 and deliver enhanced products with images, animations, audio and video files.
  • Our team of developers and programmers accurately convert Flash to HTML5, ensuring that the device agnostic content is supported by all major devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Windows, Mac and Android devices.
  • Through our conversion services, convert thousands of existing assets, without losing the instructional value or
    functionality of the existing content, enable students access existing legacy assets on Android and iOS devices and convert complex interactions, layouts and animations.
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